Ludo Supreme™ Online Gold Star

Ludo Supreme™ Online Gold Star Game is brand new game, You can play our Lido with real & worldwide players.

This online Ludo dice game can be played by 2-4 players. Each player has 4 tokens at the beginning of the game, and the first player to move all tokens home wins the online goti game.

लूडो is a classic dice board game loved by ancient kings. Download this game for online ludo game, play with your friends and kill time at home. Roll the dice, have fun with friends and become the next superstar of लूडो!

It is also known as Pachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game, Parchís.

This game has stayed popular throughout the ages, varying only a little in its game. The board game is played between 2 to 4 players and you have the option of playing the game against the computer, against your friends, or even against people from around the world.

Mode of Ludo Supreme™ Online Gold Star Game
Online ludo game mode
You can choose 2P , 3P or 4P Live Battle with strangers which makes you more excited to win. During the dice game. All players can send lovely text message and emoji.

Play with computer game mode
Play with the computer robot with a smart brain.

Play with Local game mode
You can choose color and name and play local multiplayer Lidomode with your friends and family.

Features Ludo Supreme™ Online Gold Star Game

Send Messages and emojis Online when you are playing लूडो.
Multiplayer 2 player 3 player and 4 Player matches with real opponents.
Play with friends and family.
Classic graphics look and the feel of a dice game.
Play as guest or Facebook login so your facebook avatar(Apna Leedo) and name appears in the game.
Fabulous avatars(Apna Leedo) are available under this board game for you to choose.

Looking for hours of non-stop enjoyment on your phone? Ludo download and play your favorite childhood board game now.

लूडो has different names in different regions and countries, such as Fia, Le Jeu de Dada, Nont'arrabbiare, Cờcángựa, Uckers, Griniaris, Petits Chevaux, Ki nevet a végén, Barjis, Barjees. People also misspell लूडो as Lodu, Lodo, Ludi, Loodo, Lido, Lufo, Lado, Ledo, Leedo, Laado, Leto, Luso, Lufo Royal or Luddo.

So, Lido master, what are you waiting for? Join the ludu club, Install Ludo winjo Naija and play everyone's favorite childhood Lido star board game. Create new memories with your favoriteलूडो classic board games for free, dice with buddies and friends and travel the world with us discovering interesting ludo in pocket and cities with ludu club fun dice board game and bring the लूडो fun!

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